Thursday, September 24, 2009

How can we protect it, if we don't even see it?

Maya Lin has a new installation that demonstrates how habitat loss, caused by climate change and human activity endangers our wildlife.

Here in Cambridge MA, we can see the very danger that Maya Lin exposes, but do we all see it? Or are some blinded by their narrow "vision" that excludes wildlife habitat, and instead describes it as "messy" unpruned "bushes" and "unmanicured" lawns? At issue is how can we "live with wildlife" if we contineu to destroy the very habitat that they need?

Should Harvard and BU extend their campus onto state parkland, along the Charles River Estuary, or should they be leaders in preserving and protecting what remains of wildlife habitat along the Charles River Estuary, which lies on the International North Atlantic Flyway?

We must ask, What is Missing?

“The top 10 songbirds we grew up with are in a 40 percent to 70 percent decline. Our oceans are being devastated by overfishing. The landscape we grew up with has been significantly diminished. I just want to bring attention to it and give people the idea that you can do something about it.”

"Lin is interviewing biologists for the memorial and asking them to contribute testimonials of paradises lost that they have seen vanish.

She wants to let people know they can play an active role in the Earth’s future.

“Can we envision a model for sustainable growth?” Lin asks. “I want to allow people to make choices. Better choices. The good news is that nature is incredibly resilient, and it will come back if we give it room. The question is, are we willing to share the planet?”"